Private Policy: All customer personal information given to Imperial is treated as classified. We do NOT sell names and addresses!

How to Make Reservations: Make your reservations at the earliest possible date. Only a limited number of people can be accommodated on our motorcoaches. In addition, hotel reservations often must be made and tickets must be purchased months in advance. Call us and have the following information ready:

  • Name of tour and departure date.
  • Tour participant name (s), address and phone number (s).
  • Single, double, triple or quad accommodations (if applicable).
  • Departure location.
  • On overnight tours – smoking/nonsmoking.
  • Special dietary concerns.
  • On a multiple day tour over a Saturday and Sunday, please check at your hotel for location of church of your choice. They can give information as to the cost and availability of transportation.

Motorcoach transportation is provided via an Imperial motorcoach. All coaches are equipped with rest room, air conditioning, adjustable lounge seats, and radio and public address systems.

Accommodations: Double occupancy is (2) individuals per room; triple occupancy is (3) individuals per room with (2) beds; quad occupancy is (4) individuals per room with (2) beds; and single is (1) individual per room.

Special Requests: Special requests such as for smoking/non smoking rooms, king size beds, side-by-side rooms, or travel on the same motorcoach with friends, need to be made when booking your tour. We try to honor all of these requests but in some motels and locations special requests cannot always be honored due to availability. Price per person will change when a roommate cancels and your accommodation type changes. If you are in need of handicap accommodations, or need to be near an elevator, please advise office at time of booking. If you have a walker or a wheelchair that you need to take with you on tour, please advise office. We try to honor all special requests but in some motels and locations special requests cannot always be honored due to availability.

Luggage: Each passenger is allowed one suitcase, weighing no more than 45 pounds. A small carry-0n or overnight bag is permissible, if carried on by the passenger. Although every effort is made to handle your luggage carefully, we cannot be responsible for lost or stolen, or damaged articles, including luggage. Luggage handling (1) piece per person is normally included with overnight tours. Exceptions are fly tours and tours by train. Due to security requirements each individual is responsible for their luggage prior to departure at the airport and train stations.

Clothing: Bring comfortable walking shoes, lightweight and permanent press clothing, sweater or jacket, shorts, swimsuit, sunglasses, etc.

Deposits and Final Payments. Full payment is due on all one day tours within (7) days of making your reservations. Unless otherwise specified, on multiple day tours, a $100 per person deposit is due within (7) days of making your reservations.

Charge It! Imperial Royal Tours accepts Visa, Mastercard and Discover Card as payment on any tour. If you wish, we will automatically charge your credit card account when your final payment is due. Final payment on all multiple day tours is due 30 days prior to departure unless otherwise specified.

NEW CANCELLATION/REFUND POLICY: Absolutely no exceptions will be made regarding our refund policy.  For one day tours a refund, less $20.00 cancellation fee and penalties of suppliers not refundable to Imperial will be issued if cancellation is received more than 15 days prior to departure.  For overnight tours a refund, less a $20.00 cancellation fee and penalties of suppliers not refundable to Imperial, will be given if cancellations are received more than 30 days prior to departure.

We understand that there are times that you may need to cancel a tour.  Funds, less any penalties of suppliers are not refundable to Imperial, may be transferred to another tour, avoiding cancellation fee, when cancellations are made prior to cancellation policy deadline on one day or overnight tours.

One day trips cancelled within 15 days and multi day trips cancelled within the 30 days are non refundable.

On fly and train tours, normal cancellation is 45 days prior to tour departure, less $20.00 cancellation fee and penalties of suppliers not refundable to Imperial.

Some tours have their own special cancellations, please ask at time of booking.

Passport and Proof of Citizenship: Passports are the best form of identification. By Air: ALL persons, including U.S. citizens, traveling BY AIR between the United States and Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean, and Bermuda will be REQUIRED to present a valid passport. BY LAND (Bus): You must carry either a passport or passport card any time you go outside the United States. Call us for information on acquiring your passport.

Final Tour Information and Documents: Your documents are mailed approximately 10 days prior to departure. Documents include departure and return information, day-by-day itinerary, baggage tags, hotel addresses and phone numbers, and other pertinent information.

Insurance: All passengers are insured only while on the motorcoach. Imperial is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged articles or luggage. You should have adequate cancellation, baggage, accident and sickness insurance. Individual trip insurance is available. The application must be received by the insurance company seven days after your initial deposit is made.

Any questions, please call ALLIANZ GLOBAL ASSISTANCE at 1-888-877-8091 OR 800-284-8300. BE SURE TO GIVE THE ACCAM NUMBER T011295.

Sightseeing: All sightseeing tours, guides, and admission fees are covered in the tour price as outlined in the itinerary.

Smoking and Alcoholic Beverages: For maximum tour enjoyment, we must ask that there be no smoking or alcoholic beverages on the motorcoach.

Gratuities: for driver and escort are not included in cost of tour but are appreciated.