AUGUST 28, 2023

$109.00 per person (LIMITED TO 30 TRAVELERS)

Depart Lafayette at 8:00 A.m.

Bob and Ron put together a trip that is in the rural area of Indiana; in fact, it is so rural that the first stop will be at a large meteor (approximately 5 ft) that fell in the Gray Farm in Cass County in 1892 and is now located in Clinton County for you to touch and photograph. After that we’re off to an antique/second-hand store that takes up the entire block of one of the smallest towns in Indiana.

 From there, you’ll go to a Civil War Era barn that houses antique tractors and an antique fire engine. The barn was owned by General Milroy, who fought in the War of 1812, and later his son also General Milroy who fought in the Civil War. An outstanding tour guide will tell you the complete history of the barn as well as the details of the antiques. 

 On this trip you’ll be able to shop at an Amish variety store that sells the largest mums you’ll ever find, as well as deli meats and cheeses, delicious baked goods, local honey (also incredible), and fresh produce. (Bring your coolers!) While there, don’t miss their small antique store.

 You’ll enjoy lunch at a local café where you’ll never forget their delicious sandwiches made with their homemade bread. Their bakery goods sell out every day.

 And if you’d like to walk off that luncheon, Bob and Ron will take you across the Freedom Bridge that was built in 1897 and now spans the highway where you can wave at the traffic below as you enjoy the scenery from the bridge.

 On this trip, you’ll stop by the 1845 Adams Grist Mill; in fact, you’ll be able to go inside and see one of the few remaining Conestoga Wagons in the country. While there you can walk across the covered bridge and look at the Wildcat Creek from the windows inside the bridge.

 No trip would be complete without a cruise!  And you will take one at the Delphi Canal Center. You’ll also want to visit the museum and interpretive center and enjoy the 1850s Pioneer Village, all housed near the longest man-made waterway ever built in the United States (1832 to 1876).

 This is the best little ride in the country you’ll ever take!